R. Fritz Niswanger

I strive to make sure that my clients and I are on the same page before any obligation to pay me arises. I aim to coordinate our expectations regarding the scope of services and benefits to be provided, the price to be paid, and the time line in which those services and payments are to be completed.

Therefore, I request my clients and I take the time to review and sign a written agreement in which those expectations are written out and agreed to before I begin providing services.

I strive to make it as easy as possible for my clients to make payments. I aim to provide quick and convenient ways for you to pay your invoices.

Therefore, my clients may pay in the following ways:

  • By cash delivered to my office;
  • By check mailed or delivered to my office;
  • By credit card or debit card over the telephone;
  • By credit card or debit card online by clicking the below button that says "Pay by card here!"; or
  • By any other method suggested by the client and approved in advance by me.

Packages & Pricing

WRITTEN Agreements


I strive to treat my clients as I would want to be treated. As a result, I aim to bring exceptional value to my clients, and try to keep my pricing in proportion to that value. This means that I do NOT bill by the hour, which tends both to skew incentives away from mutually achieving value and to produce fees completely unrelated to the value actually achieved. Instead, before any obligation to pay arises, I work with each client to design a range of several different customized packages of services, benefits, and fixed prices from which that client can choose the right mix that best suits them.

Therefore, I offer the following:

  • A free initial consultation;
  • Fixed prices in the form of flat-dollar pricing, percentage pricing, or a mix of the two;
  • A written scope of services and benefits;
  • A set date for completion of each service;
  • A set time frame for me to respond to communications;
  • Unlimited communications with me regarding the services during business hours during the term of the package;
  • A fixed-price guarantee that the price will not change during the term of the package unless a written change order is mutually agreed upon;
  • A satisfaction guarantee that the client is only obligated to pay the amount that the client believes the services are worth;
  • Monthly financing of the package price; and
  • Cash and prompt pay discounts.

Niswanger Law LLC